"An erratic is a rock that has been transported by a glacier and expelled once the glacier melts. An erratic signifies the time and place where the glacier originated—often hundreds of miles and hundreds of years distant. Erratics hold traces of the parent bedrock, the path that the glacier traveled, and the process of deposition. They are time travelers, treasure troves, reliquaries, and rubble."

- Nina Elder

glacial erratics (we are the waking dreaming) is a performance mythology that is sourced from research on the glacial history of what is now called New York City. It is both an acknowledgement of the geologic origins of the landscape and an invocation for a post-anthropocene future. It is map, and it is memory, alive in the present moment. Through movement rituals and evolving soundscapes, the piece honors the transformative potential of deep time, monumentality, and communication with what is unseen. The performance reminds us of the guidance of remembrance and reverence, for what has been and what has yet to become. 

Dancers: Emily Climer, Tyler Rai       Sound Composition: Aaron Rourk

This piece was produced in partnership with SWALE -- a floating food forest and education center in Sunset Park.