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The Tamalpa Life/Art Process is a form of movement-based expressive arts therapy that uses the mediums of drawing, writing and movement to creatively transform inner obstacles and traumas housed in the body. Founded by Anna and Daria Halprin, The Tamalpa Institute has educated artists and therapists around the world, with extensive trainings in trauma, voice work, and somatic healing. It is one of my passion projects to share this work widely - using the arts and creativity to more deeply integrate our selves, our communities and our relationship to the earth.



Sensing Cities is a workshop that investigates embodiment and urban architecture through the form of a curated playlist. Participants receive audio files that instruct ways to engage the body in the urban realm. The instructions are site-specific and can be re-written for any urban site. Sensing Cities opens up a dialogue around the politics of public space, the materiality of infrastructure and the intelligence of the sensing body.  The first Sensing Cities project was hosted in Berlin, Germany as part of the Symposium Urbanistik at The Kunst Haus Bethanien.

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The scoring process is a means of designing activities that move oneself and others toward desired experiences, and "frees the creative process by making it visible."*  I offer consultations for co-creating personal scores for individuals to use as tools that foster creativity, help problem solve, and provide resources to keep generating meaningful experiences in work, home and community life. 

*The RSVP Cycles, Lawrence Halprin