Tyler Rai is an improvisor, dancer, and collaborative artist currently based in Amherst, Massachusetts (Nipmuck/Pocumtuc territory). Through performance and movement improvisation, her research questions how we embody kinship and relational empathy with the other/more-than-human-world.

She is currently developing a body of research focused on grief and reverence for the glacial bodies of this earth.

Her works have been performed in fields, abandoned cabins, river-edges, aboard SWALE - a barge and floating food-forest in Sunset Park, and Judson Memorial Church (NYC).

She has performed in the works of K.J.Holmes, Emily Johnson/Catalyst, Bouchra Ouizguen, Athena Kokoronis/Domestic Performance Agency, Mina Nishimura, and is the instigator of the temporal collective, Hungry Mothers (www.hungrymothers.org).

Rai received her BA from Bennington College and is a certified Tamalpa Life/Art Practitioner.