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The Penobscot River, Old Town, Maine

  • embodied research

  • experimental collaboration

  • nontraditional performance

In early September, the In Kinship Collective gathered from sunrise to sunset for a full-day outdoor performance and arts gathering along the Penobscot River. With friends, new and old, human and more than human, we offered songs, held discussions, paddled canoes, and created opportunities for collective storytelling. We guided each other and were guided by each other, in commitment to being of service to the watershed. This day was the culmination of two years of collaborative learning and creation following the tradition of Wabanaki Guiding, and developed in partnership with The Penobscot Cultural Department and Bomazeem Land Trust.

Collaborators: Tyler Rai, Jennie Hahn, Devon Kelley-Yurdin, Cory Tamler, Lilah Akins, Emilia Dahlin, Darren Ranco

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