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various locations in El Paso, Texas/Juárez, Mexico

  • community research initiative

  • collaborative project

Las Fronteras was a community-building initiative in the borderlands of El Paso/Juárez. This 10-day engagement focused on cultivating acts of service and relationship-building through many contexts. Activities included a bike trip through the Franklin Mountains, a visit with detained individuals at an ICE detention center, a breath workshop at La Union farm and retreat center, an embodiment workshop at the Rio Bosque, volunteering at One Grub community garden, providing tea and medicinal herbs at the Annunciation House migrant shelter, a full moon hike through the Franklin Mountains, and a movement workshop at Casa Centro 16, an autonomous, collective space for experimentation and production of contemporary art in the fronterizo community of Juárez/ El Paso. Exploring themes of mutual aid, migration, solidarity, and service, the project was an opportunity to learn together through direct experience that ultimately considered how to be a visitor, how to navigate a new place determined by service.


co-producer, visiting artist: Tyler Rai 

co-producer, guide: Honora Spicer/Borderlands Education 

collaborator, guide: Valerie Rivas 

visiting artist: lisa nevada 

collaborator, visiting student: Hannah Ennis 

workshop partner: Casa Centro 16 

Supported by Herbalists Without Borders El Paso/Juarez, Robert Leal/La Union Ecospirit Center, Borderlands Education. This project was developed in partnership with Borderlands Education.

The project was featured in an issue of  Critical Spatial Practice.

Las Fronteras was co-created by members of the Hungry Mothers Collective.

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