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In partnership with the Anchorage Museum and their signature podcast, Chatter Marks, Erratic Conversations is a 4-part mini-series that focuses on the growing gestalt around geologic time and larger-than-human empathy. Beginning with an introduction to our work with Erratics, each subsequent episode thematically expands on a related topic with three invited guests.

Through moderated, conversation-based podcasts, we reveal the concepts and ecologies that are foundational to a broad group of artists who are responding to geology, change, and human action. Inspired by glacial erratics, our goal is to explore what collectively moves us and transforms us, and to weave together connections between this vast web of artists, thinkers and practitioners in the expanding, interrelated fields of the arts and sciences.

artists/hosts: Tyler Rai, Nina Elder, Hannah Perrine Mode

podcast engineer: Cody Liska 

guests: Flavia D’Urso, Jiabao Li, Daniela Naomi Molnar, Sofía Córdova, Alicia Escott, nicholas b. jacobsen, Tanja Geis, Dionna Lee, and Renée Rhodes


Supported by The Anchorage Museum

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