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 as a producer, i create the conditions for artists to realize their most expansive visions.

the story

what is a producer?

"Our job is to help nurture the ideal environment in which artists and their ideas can succeed."

what do i do as an independent producer?

In many ways, a list of tasks of what an independent producer does is inexhaustible and can vary highly from project to project. What I find my practice as an independent producer is comprised of includes:

  • maintain budgets

  • generate project timelines and strategies for implementing project goals

  • help artists stay accountable to their vision and the steps to manifest their projects

  • act as a sounding board for artists throughout their creative process 

  • attend to various stages of a project's lifespan, including incubation phases, development phases, production, and touring


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how i define success

What success means to me, what moments I'm most proud of



I've been privileged to work with many astounding artists whose artworks are enacting iterations of liberation, climate justice, etc etc.

Worked with:


  • Hadar Ahuvia (Nefesh)

  • Tomeka Reid (Tomeka Reid's Stringtet)

  • First Nations Performing Arts

  • Jibz Cameron/Dynasty Handbag (Titanic Depression)

  • Sara Comeron Sunde (36.5 / A Duration Performance with the Sea)

  • Arktype (Associate Producer)

  • Emily Johnson/Catalyst (Being Future Being, First Nations Dialogues)

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