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More is possible when we are together. I find my place within a webwork of others, both human and non-human, where collectivity informs the questions we ask and the projects we create. In various constellations, my collaborations span cultures and species to co-create moments of beauty and futurity.
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roving practices  

Roving Practices is a rotating lab/open studio series hosted for dancers by dancers in the Connecticut River Valley. Labs occur once per month at different studio spaces in the region from November 2021-December 2022. This series is free to attend and serves as a recurring gathering space for artists to experiment with fresh ideas, share their practices, and generate community with a regular cohort of experimental artists. 

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Erratics is a curatorial and research project between artists Nina Elder, Hannah Perrine Mode, And Tyler Rai. As individuals, we create art that explores geologic phenomena and the effects of human impact on the environment. Together we hybridize our various artistic practices as a working group: we curate dialogues, events, publications, and exhibitions that center empathy-driven responses to climate change and invite the voices of other artists into our research to formulate new insights.



hungry mothers  

Hungry Mothers is a transdisciplinary collective developing modes of artistic practice that center remedial relations with Earth’s land and waters in envisioning a future of collective liberation. Hungry Mothers co-designs workshops with individuals and organizations take form through collaborative inquiry and aim to embody the values of reciprocity, kinship and collective assembly.



red brigade   

The Red Rebel Brigade is an international performance troupe affiliated with the climate activism group Extinction Rebellion. They perform at climate actions around the globe to illuminate the current environmental crisis and support those fighting to save all species from mass extinction. In partnership with Extinction Rebellion Western MA, I founded a local chapter of the Red Brigade who continue to perform at climate actions around the valley. 

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the hologram   

The Hologram is a feminist social health-care project that aims to provide accountability, attention and solidarity as a source of long term care. Drawing on radical models developed in the Greek solidarity clinics during a decade of crisis, and directly engaging with discussions around mutual aid and the coronavirus pandemic, The Hologram develops the skills and relationships we desperately need for the anti-capitalist struggles of the present, and the post-capitalist society of the future.

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in kinship fellowship    

Produced by Open Waters, In Kinship is a multi-year community art and performance project that looks at what possibilities emerge when we consider social repair and environmental care as public, creative acts. Organized by Jennie Hahn, Cory Tamler, Darren Ranco, and comprised of Artist Fellows Lilah Akins, Devon Kelley-Yurdin, Emilia Dahlin, and Tyler Rai, the collective formed initially through a year-long research and creation process that followed the tradition of Wabanaki Guiding. Focused on connecting Native and non-Native people to place through experience, language, and story, Fellowship activities were led by Penobscot Nation partners and situated to center Indigenous knowledge and experience. Following two years of collaborative learning, the In Kinship Fellowship group produced a sunrise to sunset performance gathering in September of 2021. This event was held at multiple sites along and with pαnawάhpskewtəkʷ, the Penobscot River. We are now collaborating as an ongoing collective to create new interdisciplinary works in conversation and relationship with Wabanaki guides and places.


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